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And don't call me Samantha.

Sami Nummi

I love space exploration, Sci-Fi, Sherlock Holmes, typography, Indiana Jones, Ripley (my cat), (Lieutenant Ellen) Ripley, pomegranates, yelling at birds, french fries, foul language, Muppets, black leather, Larry David, big-ass jewelry, gin, proving others wrong, hailing taxi cabs in a badass manner, B&W, threatening, funny voices, fixing toilets, being an enigma.

"I greatly admire Sami’s work. It’s bold, keen, and always developed from a thoughtful perspective. I’m inspired by her continued support of creative projects both in the community and even my of own. I’m fortunate to be able to call on her critiques and advice as part of my own design process."

— Natasha Wheeler, Tonic Studios, Creative Captain

"When I had the inkling of a creative idea I immediately thought of Sami. Her enthusiasm for design, paired with her high level of talent and attention to detail makes her the perfect collaborator. Never sacrificing quality, always honest and upfront with expectations, Sami keeps things professional and fun. Plus, her boundless creativity goes beyond her polished design acumen—I leave every meeting with new ideas on branding, business growth, and enthusiasm for what's to come."

Kelley Engelbrecht, Wonderfilled Magazine


Columbus College of Art & Design 2011  | BFA: Advertising and Graphic Design, minors in Copywriting and Writing


Fulcrum Creatives | 2010 - Current 
I began my career at Fulcrum as an intern and was hired on full-time. I climbed to higher positions of junior designer to senior designer, art director and am currently creative director.

Shitty Notebook | 2013 - Current
Owner, founder, maker, marketer, designer.


2014 - Current | Creative Babes
Designer, fundraising creative, event photographer, merchandise designer

2011 - Current | The Nature Conservancy
Annual tree planter (300+ trees and counting)

2012 - 2014 | Pinchflat
Venue Ambassador and organizer

Capabilities & Skills

Art Direction
Team Leadership

Keeping plants alive
Expert color scheme creator